I have conducted a comprehensive research over several years and put together a process in the form of a set of guides on Book Writing, Getting Published and Crowd Funding. The guide on Writing Fiction will soon be published. These guides are a part of a series entitled, 'The Book of Secrets'.

This process has transformed my career from an engineer working in the oil & gas business to a successful and published author. To date I have written 15 novels of which 8 are already published including my latest, "Temple of Hope" that became one of the most successful novels on Kickstarter.

Free eBooks on the Internet are a great resource to find help on writing. Sure, not all Free eBooks are of increasing value but if you persevere in your search you'll find some incredible Free eBooks of great value. I was helped in my writing career by valuable material I discovered through Free eBooks and now it is time to give back some of this help and, of course, through the Free eBooks. All my book writing and publishing help guides are exclusively published in the form of Kindle eBooks and offered at $4.99. But for a limited time I would like to offer to you these guides as Free Free eBooks as a thank you gesture for visiting my website.    

Please remember that these Free Mystery eBooks are not only a good bargain (as these guides are worth over $15), they also offers knowledge and secrets that has allowed me to successfully write and publish several books including one of the most successful books on Kickstarter attracting attention from TV and film media. Currently thousands of my Books including Free Mystery eBooks are in circulation

The proof of success of my help guides could be seen in my published work as available through this website.


Top Ten Secrets of Book Writing

The secret to becoming not just simply a writer but also a good writer is the goal of every aspiring author. Good enough to be published. Mission impossible? Not quite. My first book found some success in the market but I was not happy with it. I then embarked on the methodical process of learning how to write well. Being an engineer, I have devised or rather engineered a writing process, based on my experience of the past ten years, which is sequential and methodical and if pursued diligently, will to produce amazing results. Following this process myself, today I am a published author of eight books with thousands of copies in circulation and ten more books ready to hit the market in the next few years.

Top Ten Secrets of Book Publishing

If writing a book is an art then publishing is a science. After a comprehensive research of available options I embarked on a methodical process of learning how to publish that would yield good results. Being an engineer I wanted to find a process that is easy and works. Having now published 10 books with 7 more ready for publication, I am offering the ‘Top Ten Secrets of Book Publishing’ that I learned in the process of becoming a published author. 

This 'Top Ten Secrets of Book Publishing' Guide focuses on solutions and not dwells on the problems in an attempt to help you to show you the path to become a published author.

Top Ten Secrets of Crowd Funding

 This is a must and a game changer. This guide would reveal the top ten secrets of Crowd Funding. If you are not considering Crowd Funding to finance your next book then you are not exploiting the full potential of your writing efforts. Crowd Funding is here to stay and I can't think of a better way to raise almost risk-free and easy money well before you even incur any cost associated with the production of your book. Although it is a great approach to raise funds but there isn't a single Crowd Funding company that would help you with selling and without which all your efforts would go in vain. Being an engineer and with 37 years of marketing and selling experience I devised a new and innovative approach to complement Crowd Funding process to yield spectacular results. My first book was over funded by 216%.