Best Mystery Novels Series with a difference!

If you love mystery, you've come to the right place. My mystery novels are part of  'Best Mystery Novels Series' that are inspired by true events and life experiences. As a writer of fiction I attempt to create a different, unique, distinctive world—through acts of imagination derived from true events, through emotions that feel true, through characters that are living—and respond to a world, the world I as the writer would like to share with you that is still little known or misunderstood by so many people. As a result my fictional novels are derived from extensive research and personal experiences by visiting and often living for extended period of time in the locations of my stories.

I believe that fiction is the best tool to explore the full potential of truth and perhaps the best way to tell the truth. I tell stories. I narrate. I try to evoke humanity in narratives with which one could identify oneself with the surrounding world. I try stimulating our imagination. The stories I tell are compelling and complicated—and, therefore, improve—our sympathies. Hopefully, these stories would educate our capacity for moral judgment. So, allow me to offer you an insight through my books to give you truth in the pleasant disguise of fiction. Enjoy my Best Mystery Novels and Free Kindle eBooks series. 

'Best Mystery Novels' Series

Temple of Hope - A Sophie Kramer Mystery 

Amazon (US)Paperback Book                       Amazon (US)Kindle eBook                                Amazon (UK)Paperback Book                     Amazon (UK)Kindle eBook                               Amazon (Canada)Paperback Book              Barnes & Nobel, Paperback Book                         iTune, eBook                                                    Kobo, eBook 

Best Mystery Novels Series- Mysterious disappearance of the US ambassador to India coincides with the kidnapping of a little American girl. No immediate clues are uncovered. The FBI Special Agent, Sophie Kramer discovers a frightening clue. What she discovers threatens to shake the very foundation of Indian law enforcement system. While the missing girl’s future remains bleak, Sophie struggles to fight for her own life! Already a huge success on Kickstarter. Available as Paperback Book and Kindle eBook. 

The Unholy Ghost - A Sophie Kramer Mystery

Amazon (US)Paperback Book                       Amazon (US), Kindle eBook                                Amazon (UK)Paperback Book                     Amazon (UK)Kindle eBook                               Amazon (Canada)Paperback Book              Barnes & Nobel, Paperback Book                        Barnes & Nobel, eBook                                   iTune, eBook                                                            Kobo, eBook  

Best Mystery Novels Series - Fighting the Columbian drug lords, an Argentinian priest is determined to bring peace and justice to his people. He is determined to become the next president of the country but the cartel-backed popular political parties are conspiring to eliminate him. The FBI Special Agent, Sophie Kramer supported by a new recruit Charlie McGregor is assigned to ensure the priest’s safety. Sophie discovers a frightening clue linking the priest with the drowning of a small boy in Idaho about twenty years ago. She takes her fight to the Vatican and threatens to expose their involvement in harbouring crimes. She suspects Charlie to be a traitor planning to jeopardize her mission? Would she survive the web weaved by the drug cartel and the Vatican? Available as Paperback Book and Kindle eBook. 

Desert Song - A Matt Slater Mystery

Amazon (US)Paperback Book                        Amazon (US)Kindle eBook                               Amazon (UK)Paperback Book                       Amazon (UK)Kindle eBook                              Amazon (Canada)Paperback Book              Barnes & Nobel, Paperback Book                       Barnes & Nobel, eBook                                    iTune, eBook 

Best Mystery Novels Series - An American couple in Saudi Arabia is brutally murdered and their two-year old son abducted. FBI Special Agent, Matt Slater deftly manoeuvres through a bureaucratic Arabian world and finds an inexplicable link between the murder and the Nine-Eleven attack. Complications arise as the murderer strikes again killing a young American couple in Abu Dhabi and abducting their four-year old daughter. Walking the dangerous maze of lies and deceit of a corrupt justice system Matt uncovers a sinister scheme of Al Qaeda preparing to kill tens of thousands of American. Would he have enough time to stop them? Available as Paperback Book and Kindle eBook. 

Cry of the Soul - A Matt Slater Mystery

Amazon (US)Paperback Book                         Amazon (US)Kindle eBook                              Amazon (UK)Paperback Book                       Amazon (UK)Kindle eBook         Amazon (Canada)Paperback Book                Barnes & Nobel, Paperback Book                      Barnes & Nobel, eBook                                    iTune, eBook                                                           Kobo, eBook  

Best Mystery Novels Series - A CIA agent is brutally murdered in Kenya. Matt Slater, an FBI Special Agent discovers an inexplicable link between the murdered agent, international terrorist organizations and the senior Kenyan politicians. Washington is worried that the Matt’s unconventional ways might upset the sensitive political balance between the USA and Kenya. Matt is outnumbered by various crime groups and outwitted by local complex political play. Would he survive and be able to solve the murder case? An unexpected turn of events reduces his chances to just about nil. What happens next depends on what desperate measures Matt would employ. Available as Paperback Book and Kindle eBook. 

Pink Balcony Silver Moon - A Mystery

Amazon (US)Paperback Book                         Amazon (US)Kindle eBook                              Amazon (UK)Paperback Book                       Amazon (UK)Kindle eBook                             Amazon (Canada)Paperback Book                Barnes & Nobel, Paperback Book                      Barnes & Nobel, eBook                                     Kobo, eBook  

Best Mystery Novels Series - After his mother loses her battle against cancer, Andrew struggles through his childhood and teenage years. His heart is empty yearning for adventure. He goes to Manali, in the Himalayas where once he had found his first love. His quest to find her again puts his life and those of his newly found friends in jeopardy. His father pays the ultimate price. Was it all worth it? A mystery! Available as Paperback Book and Kindle eBook. 

Tuscan Dream - A Mystery

Amazon (US)Paperback Book                          Amazon (US)eBook Kindle                             Amazon (UK)Paperback Book                         Amazon (UK)eBook Kindle                            Amazon (Canada)Paperback Book                Barnes & Nobel, Paperback Book                     Barnes & Nobel eBook Nook                            iTuneeBook iBook                                 KoboeBook 

Best Mystery Novels Series - With blood on his hands, an embittered David runs away from the Falkland War. He travels through Europe to find a new beginning and in Florence becomes entangled in the tumulus world of the Zuccato sisters. Maria and Kathleen Zuccato are unaware of their upcoming fate as David fills their world with murder and mystery.

Short Stories Books Inspired by True Events

Kismet, Karma & Kamasutra - Short Stories, An Indian Misadventure

Amazon (US)Paperback Book                         Amazon (US)Kindle eBook                              Amazon (UK)Paperback Book                       Amazon (UK)Kindle eBook                             Amazon (Canada)Paperback Book                Barnes & Nobel, Paperback Book                      Barnes & Nobel, eBook                                    iTune, eBook                                                           Kobo, eBook 

Travel Short Stories Series - India conjures up an image of an enchanting place filled with mystery, romance and philosophy. Here you yearn to find your inner self—who are you and why do you exist? Surprisingly you would find many answers but that is likely to confuse you even more than before. While you continue with your serious search, a world filled with hilarity may explode around you when India finds you. This book should be on your ‘must read’ as hilarious misadventure. Available as Paperback Book and Kindle eBook. 

1001 Arabian Nightmares - Short Stories, An Arabian Misadventure

Amazon (US)Kindle eBook                              Amazon (UK)Kindle eBook                                Barnes & Noble, eBook                                  iTune, eBook                                                            Kobo, eBook  

Travel Short Stories Series - Giving a different and a realistic perspective on the Middle East “1001 Arabian Nightmares” is a compilation of light-hearted and misadventure travel stories that depict the funny side of living in the Middle East. All stories are inspired by true events and my personal experiences or shall I say misadventures...seriously. Available as Kindle eBook. 

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