Q&A with Narendra

In your memoir, “The Last Goodbye”, how close do you get to yourself?

Human behaviour is complex so I don’t pretend I know it well including my own nature. Having said that all I wanted to do as an author was to deliver you, as a reader, as close as possible to this person. My goal of writing my story was to immerse into that world of ‘pure innocence’ one more time and I loved it.

When did you first start writing?

It was back in the sixties in my college days when I wrote and published poetry. I switched to story writing when my first child was born. When my children I used to have bedtime story telling contests. I embraced writing on full time basis in 2010.

What have you published so far?

My first novel, “Truth Seekers”, was published a short while ago that sold over 2,000 copies. It was in the days when ‘social media’ marketing was not yet a recognized force. This novel would fall in the genre of thrillers of international intrigue. Its protagonist is an FBI, antiterrorism specialist who loves living on the edge. He investigates complex murders and kidnapping cases overseas and resolves associated terrorist threats of catastrophic proportions. Also this book introduces Dr. Sophie Kramer, a daring, sensuous, adventurous physician who is keen to enter the man’s world of ‘war against terrorism’ by becoming a FBI Special Agent. In her adventures she discovers that the worst act of terrorism is the oppression against women and act of violence against children. She now has her own trilogy as a FBI Special Agent.

I love writing mystery and thrillers as well as humorous misadventures and to date have written 14 books and so far published 7. My books are available both as Paperback on Amazon and eBook in online stores. I've also distilled all my writing and publishing experience in a series of guide eBooks that are exclusively available on Amazon.

In addition to fiction and misadventure, what else are you writing?

I also write biographical accounts. I have recently finished writing story of my mother, “The Last Goodbye” that would be followed by “The First Dawn”. Another non-fiction book, story of my late sister, that is currently being written is “Unbroken Line”. In 2015 I've added another genre of 'Historical Fiction' to my writing. I'm intrigued by the mysterious events that surrounds the death of Hitler, the biggest mass murderer of our times. Inspired by true event and considerable field research (in Berlin and Poland), I've written a historical fiction entitled, 'The Girl Who Shot Hitler' that is soon to be published as ebook and Paperback (on Amazon). 

Also, I've incorporated all my experiences and findings of in-depth research in three helpful guides giving tips on book writing, getting published and raising money through crowd funding.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I live my novels. My fiction novels are set in the Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia etc. and I have personally spent extended periods of time visiting and/or living in these parts of the world to research my novels. True events that I hear and read about in these regions have inspired me to write my novels. My non-fiction novels are derived from the true events of my life.


Narendra's Bio


Born in India, educated in England with a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering, Narendra is a citizen of Canada and has lived in India, England, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the USA. He resides in the USA & Canada. He has traveled to more than eighty countries covering Central & Eastern Europe, Asia, the Far East, the Middle East, South America, North America and Africa.

Narendra and the Hindu God, the Lord Krishna has something in common—they were both born in the town of Mathura (India), albeit about a few thousand years apart. He attended schools in India, England and Canada (Narendra, not the Lord Krishna) and studied at the Universities of Agra & IIT Roorkee (both in India), Nottingham (England) and Calgary (Canada).

Witnessing six wars (4 in India and 2 in the Middle East) and travelling to over 80 countries has allowed him to gain an in-depth knowledge of various and diverse cultures. Inspired by true events and human rights issues his writing offers insight into cultural differences, age-old traditional values and behaviour dilemma that coexist in the vast diversity and different races of the world.

Nomad by nature and apt on taking up challenges he travelled through many countries building his repertoire of dozens of stories. Writing the stories was not enough. These needed to be told. So, he is building a platform from which he can tell his stories to the world. Today he has over 10,000 LinkedIn connections linking him to about 26 million professionals, over 24,000 Facebook Fans, and over 5,000 Twitter Fans.

Although richly influenced by his foreign travels, Narendra finds his inspiration from his life experiences and through his novels invites you to join him on a journey of life, adventure, mystery and intrigue.

  • Born                   October 17 (India)
  • Occupation        Novelist
  • Nationality          Canadian
  • Genres               Mystery, Memoir & Misadventure       
  • Subjects             FBI Special Agents Matt Slater & Sophie Kramer's Trilogies


What kind of true events inspires you to write fiction?

In the category of my fiction novels, the first novel, ‘Desert Song’ touches upon the suppression of Afghani women by their own society and highlights the brave work of the ‘Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan’. Another novel, ‘Cry of the Soul’ tells the story of terrorist activities behind the illegal ivory trade and the sad situation of wild life killing which exists today in Africa. The novel ‘Temple of Hope’ reveals the enormous problem of child prostitution in India and the sinister human organ trading between India and the Middle East. 'Pink Balcony Silver Moon' highlights the centuries old struggle of the untouchable class of people in India. Upcoming novel ‘The Unholy Ghost’ unravels the complicated issue of pedophile priests.

Who are your favourite novelists?

I read a few modern authors like Ian Rankin, and Wilbur Smith but what interests me and influenced me the most are authors who are powerful storytellers and recognized masters of their art such as Somerset Maugham, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Henry James, Graham Green, Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, Brian Moore, Naguib Mahfouz, and Ernest Hemingway.

How do you intent to reach wider audience with your next novels?

I now have established comprehensive social Media presence including website, blog, newsletter, Facebook , LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. to reach out to many markets and readers and continuing to expand its reach through SEO and PR. I'm a firm believer in emerging technologies and sell my eBooks and Paperback on Amazon and in Online Book Stores.

Lastly, is there anything else about your work that you would like to share with your readers?

I post Inspirations Quotes of my own. These appear daily on my Facebook Author Page that 25,000 fans enjoy. Please visit my Facebook Author Page to enjoy a daily dose of spiritual learning. Also, I'm offering Free Kindle eBooks on Book Writing, Publishing and Crowd Funding. 

Thank you and good luck.