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Reading Desert Song is what I imagine a few evenings to be like of listening to a master story teller take us through the descent of Beowulf. Medieval in its proportions, gruesome in its verity, raw in its necessity, Desert Song exposes the sinister triangulations of politics, religion, and law in a world wrought with dark forces. Our hero, Matt Slater, witnesses unimaginable crimes in his desperate search for a lost child. Startling ironies erupt on each page as Simone’s first thriller hurtles us through a journey both disturbing and authentic. Before you read any other book on the Taliban, read this book first.
— Almeda Glenn Miller, author of “Tiger Dreams
A Brilliant Story Masterfully Crafted—Right from the beginning I enjoyed Narendra’s style … the picture was drawn and I stepped right into the set … he cleverly interweaves his characters and gives his reader intrigue and interest in learning the dangerous world of Arabia … Once I started reading it I could not wait to finish it.
— Praveen Gupta, Published Author of 14 Books
Stunning and original - shows great promise—The strength of this novel is undoubtedly in the writing, where the author describes quite remarkably the Italian landscape, atmosphere, the city, and Italian culture - it is extremely rich in language and quite original. I found the novel to be both absorbing and appealing, a measure of the writer’s talent.
— Jan Heart—
Real Class - had me smiling all the way—I found this book to be funny, even hilarious at times. The book is like a traveller’s guide for Arabia but it has far more insight than usual. Each short story describes different areas of Arabia, and gives precious insights into what it must be like living there. But the important thing is the style used by the author.

Some parts in the stories truly are nightmares, if you found yourself in such a predicament. The beauty in these not so pleasant stories is in how the author turns them into adventure stories with humour also thrown in.

It’s clear that there is real talent here. It is harder to make people laugh than making them cry. People need to smile to boost their lives, and Simone is one class act at doing this. Here we have a book of high quality, so if you are a reader in search of a good book, then in my humble opinion this one will not disappoint. Like me, I suspect you will not let go of this book until you have read the very last word.
— Benq (Amazon)
In his riveting story, The Last Goodbye, Narendra Simone skillfully portrays the soul of a mother/son relationship in a culture that remains an enigma to so many of us.
— Mike Sirota, Best selling author of “Fire Dance” and “The Burning Ground
Narendra Simone in “Desert Song” goes beyond entertainment to provide insight into the very complexities that challenge our understanding of conflicts; and prevent peace in the region today. Watch out. This is a great tale. Once you pick this book up you will also find it a challenge to put it down; with surprises continuing till the end.
— Kim (
Highly Recommended—Tuscan Dream is a beautiful novel. Reading it was a very lovely experience for me. Reading Tuscan Dream was like living the life of the main characters but focus more on David as he discovers Florence and its beauty. It was surreal and somewhat melancholic. I love how the characters developed from mere acquaintances to good friends in such a short time. It was amazing and I felt really connected with each character. What happened to David was sadder than when Kitty died but how Maria was haunted was when my heart ache the most. The story didn’t just speak of happy emotions but also of sadness and regret but it somehow balances everything creating a wonderful story in its own.

The story was very vivid, fluid and descriptive. I love every intricate story of the character. The story unfolds beautifully as you delve into it deeper. If you like descriptive and lyrical writing, you’ll love Tuscan Dream.
— Grace, Los Angeles (Amazon)
Nail-biting thriller written with great style—Like his other novels, you are automatically drawn into Simone’s novels due to his elaborate style of writing and rich use of the English language. His stories are nicely paced, and his characterization of each person in the story is quite marvelous.

At storytelling Simone is a master, getting you to turn each page with ease. The joy of this book is truly in the writing.
— Jan Heart (Amazon)
Temple of Hope - Narendra Simone establishes himself as a top-flight mystery/thriller author with this excellent book. We can only be grateful that Sophie Kramer will be around in his future novels. Highly recommended on many levels.
— Grady Harp (Amazon)
Pink Balcony Silver Moon - Amazing combination of poetic character development, great plot and wonderful way to put you right in the a scene.
— Avid (Amazon)
The Unholy Ghost-This is Narendra Simone’s best so far. It addresses the ugly reality of pedophilia in those we should be able to trust.
His writing and descriptions are really good and I really like his protagonist, Sophie Kramer . She keeps the pace going at a fast and furious rate and of course everything is not as it first appears. This novel is well worth reading.
— Amazon
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Narendra Simone is a widely travelled author with an eloquent writing style. Artistic descriptions of the beautiful city of Florence, creates an enriched backdrop for the characters and plot of this novel of romance and intrigue. I began reading this story and could not put it down as it transported me to a culture of great beauty, architecture and art, through the eyes of captivating characters.
— Elaine Fuhr, Allbooks Reviews
Narendra Simone is an author that truly knows how to capture the imagination! Like all great storytellers, he transports you into another world and gets you completely wrapped up in it. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to step into a hidden world within the Middle East and get consumed by a cleverly woven tale. Can’t wait for Naren to release more books!
— Maria (
Remarkable—Tuscan Dream is not a novel you want to end in a hurry, it’s a novel you want to enjoy over coffee breaks, taking in the detailed and picturesque Florence penned by Simone. I found it remarkable how the book takes a complete U-turn from the first chapter, where the sickly Maria starts her confession to the priest.

I simply loved the way the author kept the turmoil out of the story until the very climax, and how he kept the focus on the happiness and ecstasy of the characters as the main theme, and letting the reader enjoy a joyous trip around the ancient and beautiful city of Florence, and getting lost in its fervors alongside David and Maria.

The novel ends befitting its name, as all dreams must come to an end. Reality must kick in, and so it does for the protagonist of this book. The heart goes out for David, but given the circumstances of Maria, you can’t help feel nothing but sorrow for her.

Tuscan Dream is a wonderful experience for a true romantic at heart, and also for those who like a slice of reality mixed in for good measure.
— Sara Hadi (Amazon)
Kismet, Karma & Kamasutra - One of the best travel books I have ever read. It took me right back to my trip to India. It is fast moving, well written, and is one of those great books that you cannot put down. So, don’t plan on reading one story at bedtime. You will be reading until you are finished.
— Amazon
1001 Arabian Nightmares-A fresh, funny perspective of living in the Middle East. These short comedic stories showcase the humour found when dealing with everyday occurrences. Naren’s personal experiences bring to light the puzzling, eye-brow raising, and surprising moments that one can experience. Escape within his wit, adventures and creative writing as you experience the lighter side of living in the Middle East.
— Amazon