THE GIRL WHO SHOT HITLER                                                                                                    Best Mystery Novels Series

A Historical Fiction - Inspired by a true story - For more than half a century, myths, misconception and outright fantasies have surrounded the mystical disappearance of Hitler. What no one knows is that his fate was sealed the day an Indian princess whose family was well connected with Rasputin, Nicolas Tzar the II, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Nehru, Einstein, Tagore and Mata Hari fought family traditions and British prejudices to become one of the most dangerous spies working behind the German lines during the World War II. Inspired by a true story, my book presents a remarkable story of human struggle and unprecedented bravery of which legends are made. This is a story not to be missed and it brings out a unique perspective on what really happened to Hitler. The clues are simple but the story is complex. Judge it for yourself. 

LONG WAY HOME                                                                                                                        Best Mystery Novels Series

An amusing, tear-jerker, educational and episodical story of an oscar-winning superstar son who is unable to cope with fame and fortune and his retired father who because of his terminal illness has been given a few months to live. The son doesn’t know how to handle the peak of his life and the father unable to face the end of his life. They both set off on a journey on the Pacific Coastal Highway from Sidney, British Columbia to Los Angeles and through hilarious and unsuspecting events discover the real meaning of life and living. 

THE STROKE OF GENIUS                                                                                                         Best Mystery Novels Series

This is perhaps the game changer and the only book you may ever want to buy to learn to play golf. Three retired chemical engineers from British Columbia (in their sixties) end up in the same golf resort community in Southern California and are determined to learn decent golfing. Being of scientific and analytical minds they embark on developing an engineered process to learn and play golf that could be effective for people over 60 years of age. Based on a proven process and personal experience of shooting from 127 to 84 in less then 2 years, The Stroke of Genius is a hilarious story of three amigos and their lives filled with laughter, frustration and intrigue. 

THE TRANSYLVANIA EFFECT                                                                                                    Best Mystery Novels Series

The Transylvania Effect is the folk belief that more craziness in behaviour occurs when the moon is full. It couldn't be more true on a full moon night when Malaysia Airline Flight MH 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. The world was lead to believe that the plane ended up at the bottom of the sea off the coast of western Australia. There were multitude of theories--terrorism, technical failure, and human error. But there were no evidence to substantiate any of the theories. The CIA remained suspicious as they lost their entire covert operation team in the disappeared aircraft. Malaysian authorities were tight lipped because they were afraid that their ugly secret might come out. Sophie Kramer investigates and finds an inexplicable clue that changes everything. There are at least three countries that want Sophie dead and she is running out of time. What happens next depends on what Sophie will do. 


THE LAST GOODBYE                                                                                                                   Best Mystery Novels Series

Memoir - I loved my mother who loved roses. Descending from a brave warrior race of Rajput, known throughout history for their valour and sacrifices, she believed in dignity, justice and above all honour. She, and many millions of women like her in India and worldwide, was a victim of a domineering and duplicitous husband who used old traditional values to force her into a dark and lonely world by taking away her freedom, her voice, and her self-esteem but she fought with dignity and even risked her life to ensure that her next generations suffered no more. She was a woman ahead of her times and symbolized the evolving world of brave, new, modern India that was full of promise and hope. 

THE FIRST DAWN                                                                                                                         Best Mystery Novels Series

Memoir - It was the third of September, the day I’ll always remember, because that was the day that my Daddy died. Now, I have to depend on my conscience to admit to the truth, the truth that it was the day of the first dawn of my new life. Conscience is all I have to depend on for the awareness of it is the threshold that one must cross to enter into the world of truth. And once the threshold is crossed then the world of within is infinite and to dwell in its depth, and dwell I must for in it lies the reflections of my past and I am a past of all that my Mom had suffered through the injustice of betrayal, is the beginning of the search of the truth. 

THE UNBROKEN LINE                                                                                                                  Best Mystery Novels Series

Memoir - It is the story of the three generations of women in my life; my mother-born in a small frontier town near the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan who never had a chance first growing up in a highly conservative and religious family and then suffering injustice at the hands of her husband’s infidelity; my sister-born in central India and educated at two universities with dreams of a professional career but was never given a real chance to transition from traditional to modern India; and her daughters-born in India, educated in the USA and currently working in high-profile, prestigious jobs who have broken all barriers to fulfill their ambitions and in doing so restoring the faith in the unbroken line of evolving women of her bloodline. 


On a quest to find interesting stories all I had to do was to travel to the various countries of the world because the diversity of race, religion, traditions and culture yields numerous hilarious scenarios. Encouraged by the success of my earlier two books of humorous, misadventure short stories inspired by the true events and my experiences in Arabia and India, I decided to widen the scope of writing a bit and cover the rest of the world.  Armed with Aspirin and sense of humour all one has to do is to plunge into such scenarios and soon the world is full of laughter. Note that reading this book before embarking on an adventurous journey to the various countries of the globe may save you the embarrassment in tricky situations, enlighten you about diverse cultures, and hopefully inspire you to write your own travel diaries. Bon voyage. 

A 100 COUNTRY RACE FOR A GLASS OF WINE - Europe                                                     Travel Short Stories Series

Get ready to experience a unique brand of humour as I travel through the eastern, central and western European countries. These humorous short stories of European misadventure would take you to taste mash and bangers in London, visit the pristine city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, see the amazing stone bridge of Bosnia, Hitler’s bunker in Berlin, and many other intriguing places. I’d be travelling to just about every country in the Eastern, Central and Western Europe with nothing more than sense of humour and experience first hand their foods, wines, cultures, road rages, and idiosyncrasies to see what keeps them so fragmented and yet so united. I am glad you have come along for this adventurous journey and for that I’d take you to even the Dracula’s castle in Transylvania. 

A 100 COUNTRY RACE FOR A GLASS OF WINE - Middle East & Asia                               Travel Short Stories Series

I've no desire to gain any kind of publicity, good or bad, by writing funny stories about the Middle East even though I was once tempted to publish my short stories as a weekly column in a national paper under the heading, 'Diary of a Terrorist'. Surely you won't ask me why? But honestly, having spent over 15 years in the Middle East and several years in Asia I actually found that people of these amazing land posses a great sense of humour provided it is not you who is trying to crack jokes. Come with me and find out for yourself how Saudis enjoy their oil power, Bahraini their island life, Qatar their football, Kuwait their Iraqi neighbours, United Arab Emirates their glittering cities, Oman their beaches, Egypt their history, Morocco their food, Jordan their Palestinian friends, India their curries, Thailand their dances, Uzbekistan their ancient past, China and the list goes on. Come check it out for yourself. 

A 100 COUNTRY RACE FOR A GLASS OF WINE - Americas                                                 Travel Short Stories Series

If coming from India to England was a bit of cultural shock to me then coming to Canada from England was more of a pleasant surprise. But as I started to dig deeper in the Central and South America the pleasant part started to diminish and life indeed became full of surprises. Don't people watch TV or read books to see what the rest of the world is doing? The world has moved on, people. Time to let go of the past and embrace the future. But I should have known better and kept my advice to myself as I figured out that the proud people easily get offended. Come and join me on a roller coster journey through my short stories to live on the edge on the Brazilian beaches, explore spiritual values in Peru, experience the ancient past of Ecuador, taste amazing food and wines of Argentina and get spiced up in Mexico. USA? Oh, yeah. And come see what baby-boomers have done to the land of free. 

A 100 COUNTRY RACE FOR A GLASS OF WINE - Caucasus                                                Travel Short Stories Series

What better place to visit then the country where Christianity was first accepted as the state religion to understand the need for religion. Nestled in the spectacular mountains is Georgia where 60 degree proof alcohol could grow not just hair but a whole jungle on your chest. This region is filled with intriguing stories of pre and post Soviet era that would make hair stand on the back of your neck. Stories you might not be able to share with your grandchildren but would make great halloween time entertainment.

A 100 COUNTRY RACE FOR A GLASS OF WINE - Central Asia                                              Travel Short Stories Series

Continuing with one of a kind travel humour series presenting history, culture, tradition and taboos through globe-girdling tales of Narendra’s travels to 100 countries that run the gamut from eccentric expats to baffling repasts, wrong roads taken to cultures mistaken, curvaceous dollies to embarrassing follies, unadulterated hilarity to unanticipated insincerity, and road less traveled to no roads at all, this book presents amazing ancient history of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. You'll need this book otherwise how would you order food that you can't pronounce. Read about various discoveries this region made, hundreds of years before European claimed them to be their inventions. I wonder what else Europeans stole from Asia?

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TOP TEN SECRETS OF WRITING FICTION                                                                                  Free Mystery eBooks Series

Fourth in the 'Book of Secrets' Series and available soon as Free Kindle eBooks Series I present secrets of writing fiction. Fiction is one of the most popular genre and also one of the most difficult to tackle. The dilemma is this: as the word signifies fiction is not about true events and yet everything in it must ring true. How does one accomplish this is what I would attempt to disclose in this guide. I am confident that if you were to sincerely follow the ten rules or ten secrets (as I prefer to call them), you would find that there exists a methodical and sequential process that could lead you to become a successful fiction writer.