Meet Sophie Kramer, the deadliest FBI Agent

Whenever a perpetrator inflicts pain and suffering on innocent and vulnerable victims, there is at least one person who for personal and professional reasons would put up a fight. She is the master of deadly martial arts. She is daring and fearless. They call her 'Equalizer'. She is Sophie Kramer.

Sophie Kramer is recognised by the Bureau and the US President Office as one of the best detectives of our time. Her appearance doesn’t support her tough demeanor for she is five foot-eight, slim but powerful body, with shoulder-length red hair, attractive shoulders, a long, slender neck, vivid blue eyes and knows fully well how to use her looks and slim build to trap perpetrators into a false sense of security.

So don’t be fooled by her appearance. Because if you’ve committed murder and Sophie Kramer is called in, your place behind bars is assured. If you’ve harmed children and she’s on your case, you’ve sealed your own fate. And if you’re a serial killer on the loose, she will not stop before you are eliminated. She lives her life amongst the gruesome, tragic, exciting crimes – and with the satisfaction that justice finally prevails.

We get the measure of the Special Agent Kramer by how she matured in the tough world of the oppressors and murderers, how she prevailed over deep personal setbacks, and the values that this educated and devastatingly beautiful woman carries with her to make an unprecedented success of society’s grimmest and toughest job.  Special Agent Kramer is often described by her friends as, ‘half Irish, half Indian, and all-American’ personality.

She inherited great strength and an insight in people’s soul from her tough and spiritual mother, daughter of a Comanche chief. She could see in the depths of darkness, and through her sixth sense would know how to survive. Her father, an Irishman, a product of a broken family, carried significant emotional baggage that eventually rendered him to be an alcoholic. Her baby brother, a victim of drug addiction and sexual abuse chose freedom through suicide and that left Sophie with guilt that perhaps she could have done something to help him. Perhaps because of it, Sophie is driven to be strong to fight atrocities in her own family, in any family.

She owns nothing except a secret hideout where she would spend some time to reflect and realign her soul with her senses.


Narendra Simone

Born in India, educated in England, Narendra, a published author of 8 books, is a citizen of Canada and has lived in India, England, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the USA. He resides in Canada. He has traveled to more than eighty countries covering Western, Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-East Asia, the Far East, the Middle East, South America, North America and Africa. Narendra and the Hindu God, the Lord Krishna has something in common—they were both born in the town of Mathura (India), albeit about a few thousand years apart. He attended schools in India, England and Canada (Narendra, not the Lord Krishna) and studied at the Universities of Agra & IIT Roorkee (both in India), Nottingham (England) and Calgary (Canada). Witnessing six wars (4 in India and 2 in the Middle East) and travelling to over 80 countries has allowed him to gain an in-depth knowledge of diverse cultures. Inspired by true events his writing offers insight into cultural differences and subtle humour that coexist in the complex world. Although richly influenced by his foreign travels, Narendra finds his inspiration from his life experiences and through his novels invites you to join him on a journey of humour, mystery and international adventures.